Best Time to Visit

When planning a trip to Madagascar, it is advisable to know the main reason of travel. Each season has its extra-ordinary features or highlights
Madagascar runs across several latitudes and its climate varies. The north is hot and tropical, the west temperate, the east wet and the south has a dry, Austral climate.
The most rainfall is from January to March and cyclones can occur in February: The touristic season begins in April after the cyclones. The rainy season is almost over but some areas are still hard to reach because of the terrible roads after the rainfalls.
The most pleasant period is between May to October with cooler temperatures and little rain
The months of July and August are the peak of the “high season” because it is the time when most tourists visit the island for holidays.
September to December are also a very popular period to visit Madagascar as it is hotter and does not rain.
The climate of Madagascar is subtropical, with a hot and rainy season between November and April (summer), and a cooler dry season from May to October (winter).