Kitulo Plateau National Park

Kitulo plateau national park in southern Tanzania tourism circuit is the destination for hikers and botany paradise the flower garden.  Kitulo is a great place to for botanists and birders. Kitulo plateau national park is the unique place in tropical Africa mostly recognized in largely for botany significance with stunning yellow orange red hot poker, variety of aloes, proteas, geraniums, giant lobelias, lilies, aster daisies and multitude of orchids.
It covers an Area of 412.9 sq km perched around 26,000 meters 8,500 ft between rugged peaks of Kipengere Poroto and Livingstone mountains. Here with over 350 species of plants discovered including 45 species of orchids which are not found anywhere else in the world rather than Kitulo plateau area. Some of 31 species are endemic to Tanzania 26 to the Kitulo region at least three to the plateau itself and two are found only on the plateau and in the adjoining forest the Nundulu mountain reserve adjacent to Udzungwa Mountains, where the rarest monkey in Africa highland manga bey monkey discovered
The activities to do in this park are hiking trails, walking across grasslands to watch birds and wild flowers, Hill climbing, Best hike across the park and Livingstone mountain range leads to the sumptuous Matema beach in lake Nyasa. The park is easily accessible on road
The accommodation varies from luxury hotels to simple guesthouses, while two simple guesthouses also exist in Matamba. There is no accommodation in the park as yet, but very basic accommodation and meals are available at the adjacent Kitulo Farm. Three special campsites are planned within the park, catering to fully equipped campers. Two moderately priced church-run hostels are situated on Matema Beach.