Tips to Travel Cheaply to Africa

Traveling away from your daily routine work is becoming more and more fun. Are you eager to travel but you thinks that you do not have enough cash for it? Many people are in this particular dilemma. There are many ways of breaking the norm and enjoying that particular safari or tour you have ever dreamed of.
Here are some tips that can help you travel cheaply
1. Available Promotional – If you have opted to stay in a hotel, there are many ways of making that budget more affordable. Look for hotels that are offering promotions online. Check for the best hotel but of good quality
2. Be Flexible with Dates: Some seasons are less expensive during the year than others; one can wait until the prices are more reasonable. Also you can wait until there is a promotion being launched. Sometimes check and request for weekend deals. You can also schedule your travel to a less popular travel time.
3. Stay in Hostels: Sometimes staying in hotels does not add value, if you are spending most of your time on a safari or doing outdoor activities. Hostels can come in handy for relaxation and storing your luggage. There are very good hostel in most destinations that offer quality accommodation.
4. Cost Sharing (Vehicle): if traveling to a destination or safari, it is sometimes advisable to join a group rather than traveling alone. Traveling alone will be a bit costly. If the vehicle is shared, the travel cost will be shared equally.
5. Value for Money: Select a hotel, guest house or hostel that offers value for money, if the prices are the same look for a hotel that offers free coffee/tea/water or internet.
6. Purchase goods in local market – if you would like to purchase a souvenir, the best place to get a good deal is to purchase at a local market. Bargain to get the best deal. Shop around for the prices of your desired souvenirs and then look for them in the local markets.
7. Eat Local Food: It is advisable to request for the local food, eating local food is cheaper than if you eat in international fast food and restaurant chains. Inquire where the local restaurants are and try out their menus.
8. Use Public Transportation: using public transport is way cheaper than using a taxi, inquire about the routes where your are traveling and carry a map.
9.Reusable Water Bottle: Instead of purchasing water from time to time, carry a bottle and fill it with water at the hotel or restaurant which has a dispenser in their lobbies
10.Consider a package deal – Sometimes it’s much cheaper in booking a safari as a full package. Shop around to see if you can get a better package.