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Top Things to Do

Kenya is a destination in Africa that offers one of the best tourist attractions. It offers one the memorable safari adventure experiences. There are many activities that one can undertake while on a safari. Below are some things to do while on a Safari to Kenya
1. Bird watching in Kenya
Kenya contains lots of spectacular birding sights that you should see them to believe. From the world’s largest bird, the Ostrich, to amazing flamingos that congregate in their large numbers at the different Lakes of the Great Rift Valley and camouflage them in pink,
The wide variety of birds in Kenya is made realistic by the favourable climatic condition, diversified habitats as well as geographical features that make it a pleasant migratory route for birds.
Additionally without travelling outside Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, approximately six-hundred resident as well as migratory bird species are found; more than in any other capital city, and more than in most countries.
Other parts of the country also hold a variety of bird species such as Samburu, Tsavo, Kakamega forest, Masai Mara, Rift Valley lakes or the highland forests.

2. Game watching in their Natural Habitat

Kenya offers more than fifty national parks and game reserves to explore, home to a thriving population of wildlife making it one of the best African safari destinations.
In these National parks and game reserves you will spot a variety of wild animals in their natural habitats such as elephants, zebras, lions, cheetah, leopards, giraffes, buffaloes and rhinos.
Some of the popular National parks and game reserves visited are Lake Nakuru national park, Masai Mara Game Reserve, Tsavo Nakuru national park, Amboseli Nakuru national park and Samburu Game Reserve.
3. Mountain climbing
Kenya has a variety of mountains, rocks and hills that offers tourists a climbing experience. The mountains offer a challenge to those looking a climbing experience.
4. Cultural Visits
The country is rich in culture that charms its guests. Every community within the country has its own culture that can be explored. From the south to north and east to west part of the country there is a lot of culture that can be spotted and explored. The people are very friendly and warm
The local communities such as Maasai, Turkana and Samburu have for years coexisted with animals, and are still maintaining their culture like the world is not changing. They will perform their traditional dance, show you their daily lifestyle and even take memorable photos.
5. Water Sports Activities
While at the Kenyan coast there are many activities that can be undertaken such as deep sea fishing, snorkeling, dhow cruise and scuba diving for the adventurous visitor. Water rafting can also be carried out on the other parts of the country such as Tana River and Athi River. The reservations can be done through a reputable tour operator company
6. Beach Safari Experiences
Kenya offers one of the best beach safari experiences one can relax away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. After a wonderful wildlife safari experience, one cannot miss the opportunity to relax and unwind, while enjoying the activities on the beach.