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Zambia is known as the land of the legendary African Safari. What could not be legendary about the most spectacular natural scenery in Africa: a lake-studded plateau of forests, marshland, and savannah, and the largest waterfall on Earth? Zambia is a country rich in natural beauty, culture and history, which caters well to the adventure traveller. For the more daring visitor, there is also the possibility to get the adrenaline pumping with white water rafting and canoeing.

The mighty Zambezi River feeds Victoria Falls. The verdant area around the Zambezi and the multitude of lakes and wetlands provide our safari guests with the unparalleled opportunity to encounter many species of African animals and birds.

A trip through the South Luangwa National Park will leave visitors with the feeling that they have truly experienced the very heart of Africa.

There are lots of Places to visit while in Zambia, a few of the places include :
Lower Zambezi National Park
Victoria Falls
Kafue National Park
Lake Kariba
South Luangwa National Park
Northern Circuit
Saturday Dutch Market