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Top 10 Leading African Safari Attractions
Africa’s leading African Safari Attractions consist of wildlife national parks in Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Gabon and Namibia. If you are you’re searching for the perfect safari which you are guaranteed to view the “Big Five” you cannot make a mistake by choosing to visit the below choices.

1) Chobe National Park (Botswana)

Chobe National park sits in Botswana’s Okavango Delta and covers 4 unique Eco-systems. The Savuti marsh specifically provides most of the highest concentrations of wild animals in Africa year around. Chobe holds around a hundred and twenty thousand elephants, which you will easily spot while on a safari.
The ideal time to tour Chobe National park is between April and October, the dry, cool winter season. Herds of zebra, eland, buffalo, giraffe and wildebeest congregate around the Savuti marsh this period of year. Chobe National park can be reached by car that makes it slightly less costly compared to several other Botswana National parks. There is a number of hotels to meet every budgets, you may also book a houseboat.

2) Masai Mara Game Reserve ( Kenya )

Kenya is Africa’s preferred safari getaway destination and Masai Mara Game Reserve is the well-known wildlife reserve in Kenya for its abundant in wildlife and the annual Great Mara Migration. The Mara Migration starts from around July – October where you will experience the extraordinary migration of millions upon millions of wildebeest with zebra migration from Serengeti National Park to Masai Mara Game Reserve. A visit to the Masai Community will make your safari more authentic cultural excursions which will certainly complement your adventure.

3) South Luangwa National Park ( Zambia )

Home of the “walking safari” South Luangwa National Park in Zambia provides a real African adventure. There’s abundant wild animal in addition to over four hundred variety of birds life. The Luangwa River is stuffed to the brim with hippos if you are fortunate you will see prides of over thirty lions at any given time. There is sixty distinctive animal species also over four hundred distinctive bird species residing in the National Park.
South Luangwa provides both the budget and luxurious safari holiday accommodation. The ideal time to tour is during the period of the dry season from April to October. Close to the completion of the dry season of the year, the wild animals basically concentrate on around the left waterholes, that makes for an awesome safari.
4) Kruger National Park ( South Africa )
Kruger National Park in South Africa offers one of the best wildlife experiences with the largest number of wild animals in Africa that features the Big Five, crocodiles, hippos, cheetah and more wild animals. Kruger is among the best controlled parks in Africa therefore it’s perfect for a self-drive safari.
5) Serengeti National Park ( Tanzania )
The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania gives the authentic typical African safari environment for the traveler to enjoy and relax in the wild. The grasslands creates the Serengeti National Park magnificent for discovering lions hunting as one can easily lion kills as can easily see the entire spectacle visibly. It is a destination worth visiting while in Tanzania.

6) Etosha Natonal Park ( Namibia )

Etosha National Park is Namibia’s best wildlife tourist destination. Etosha National Park is the habitat for Africa’s tallest elephants, the endangered black rhino, together with ninety one additional variety of of mammal. Etosha is particularly loved by photography enthusiasts in the dry period who flock to the waterholes to capture those captivating and spectacular pictures. The majority tourists to Etosha National Park will find an abundance of giraffe, elephant, lion, and rhino as well as have an excellent opportunity for viewing cheetah, leopard, in addition to a wide array of variations of birdlife. Etosha National Park does not have scheduled game drives, it is a self-drive safari adventure. However there are various fantastic upmarket holiday lodges and camps to choose from absolutely outside the park boundaries in secluded reserves, where guided safaris represent the package.

7) Bwindi Impenetrable Forest ( Uganda )

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda is the habitat for nearly fifty percent the world’s population of mountain gorillas. Apart from providing amazing surroundings to Gorilla tracking, you may also spot chimpanzees and a lot of different mammals. Bwindi is designated a World Heritage Site.
8) Okavango Delta ( Botswana )
The Okavango River passes through the main of Botswana’s Kalahari Desert, making a distinct inland water system that provides life to hundreds of birds and mammals. The Okavango is an awesome safari vacation destination since you can easily see a lot of the wild animals from a conventional canoe. Annually the delta floods covering up over sixteen thousand Km’s. The ideal season to check out wild animals is at the optimum of the flooding, in the dry season from May to October. The wildlife is substantially more concentrated on islands at this stage, so it’s consequently much easier to view them. Since the flooding recedes, fresh vegetation springs up additionally the wild animals scatters to feed. There are various holiday lodges dotted around in addition to luxurious safari camps, many provide walking safaris.
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9) Hwange National Park (Zimbabwe)
Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe is a customized favorite of mine because of its abundance of elephants, giraffes, and lions as well as 105 other mammal species. Hwange also offers among the biggest populations of wild dogs left in Africa. There are a number comfy holiday lodges to stay at for reasonable price. The park is close to one of the world’s greatest natural wonders — the Victoria Falls.

10) Ngorongoro Conservation Area ( Tanzania )

The Ngorongoro Conservation area in Tanzania spans vast expanses of highland plains, savanna, savanna woodlands and forests, it contains the world’s biggest crater which acts as a natural enclosure for nearly all varieties of wildlife located in East Africa. The Masai still live within the conservation area, and it’s also residence to Olduvai where a good amount of man’s first remains have been found.