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Wondering about the best places to go for safari? You may be wanting to see a specific animal, or perhaps your aim is to see some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  This directory will be of help in guiding you towards the sights and experiences you’re hoping for on your travels.
As always, the list is not exhaustive, and we welcome more additions from travellers.
There are huge and impressive sand dunes, such as those of the Erg Chebbi in the Sahara are probably what most people think of when you mention desert. They are not always part of a desert scene of course, but even without the sand dunes, there is something very intriguing and evocative about deserts.
Indigenous Cultures
Would you like to experience indigenous cultures during your safari? There are many people throughout the African continent who want to share their natural resources and cultures with you. The re are several local community tourism projects that you can visit to experience the people and culture of Ugandan people. Community tourism can be a huge source of pride, and an important extra income for many local people. Enjoy the chance to get an insight into some of the world’s most fascinating cultures, and meet some incredible people.
There are several amazing island destinations in Africa. From the Indian Ocean islands such as Zanzibar or Mafia you can enjoy pure relaxation, Within Madagascar or Seychelles you can enjoy an ultimate honeymoon. In addition there are many tropical islands within African countries such as the Ssese Islands in Uganda, the tiny islands on Lake Malawi and many more… Whatever the reason you want to escape to an island, we can probably find the right island for you!
Looking to an active adventure in mountainous areas? From the challenge of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest free-standing mountain, to the wonderful and varied hikes in South Africa’s Drakensberg mountain range, an escape to the world’s peaks offers a different perspective on life and the world.
Today’s safari concept is moving away from the usual game drives in savanna grasslands to hikes in the steamy jungles of Africa that host an incredible array of plant and wildlife. On your safari in East Africa and West Africa, don’t miss enjoy jungle tours on which you can see elusive wildlife including the gorillas, chimpanzees , various monkey species, forest elephants and of course many species of birds are all likely to be spotted.
Travelling to see wildlife, or to experience a specific habitat such as the rain forest is a joy for many of us. The sight of a mountain gorilla a few feet away from you in the jungle, is a thrill which stays with you for a long time. Whether you are looking to game drives in savanna national park or experiential safaris, here is a listing of the best safari places you can visit.
World Heritage Sites
The Unesco World Heritage Sites are some of the world’s most spectacular places.  Here are some of these special sites which you can visit on your next holiday in Africa.