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Volcanoes National Park

The Volcanoes National Park is known to the world as Rwanda’s most popular tourist destination not only to foreign travelers but also to locals. The parks beautiful rain forest is ideal for wild trekking and hikes, birding as well as research purposes. Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park’s outstanding attractions, natural environment, informed ranger guides and entertaining Rwanda traditional cultural dance make every tour to the park very colorful, organized and responsible.

Tourists to the Volcanoes National Park Rwanda get opportunities to meet up with gorillas, golden monkeys, forest wild animals, birds, and the local community living in close vicinity with the park. More famously is the mountain gorillas that reside in the magical rain forest covered by mist and green vegetation. The Volcanoes national park is one of Rwanda’s oldest and well conserved wildlife park for mountain gorilla tracking and golden monkey trek though there are many other tour activities that tourist engage while on their Rwanda gorilla tracking tours.

The park stretches to the boarder of Uganda and DRC –Congo also known as great gorilla tracking countries in Africa. Regular visitors to the park come to track mountain gorillas and golden monkeys though a few still do bird watching, hiking and also visit the Dian Fossey tomb. For those on Rwanda hiking safaris to Bisoke and karisimbi volcanoes, get a chance to even go beyond to Uganda  since the volcanoes extend to Mgahinga national park one of Uganda gorilla tracking national park. Mgahinga national park sits high in the clouds that though tourists don’t hike up to Uganda side can still view it in a distance. The most interesting thing about volcanoes national park is that weather you have been to Rwanda or not it’s well known as one of the great places to visit in Rwanda. The world renowned park offers rare wildlife experience that ranks second to none across the world.

Gorilla tourism in the park started in 2005 after the Rwanda civil war that ended in 1999.Many travel events, exhibitions and conservation projects have have been run  basin g on the park gorilla tourism including Kwita Izina –Rwanda baby gorilla naming ceremony. Truly the flagship of Rwanda national parks, Volcano is a home to remarkable number of wildlife, primates, plants, grasses and birds. Travelers to Rwanda find volcanoes national park a great place to interact with wildlife and the natural environment that is well protected and conserved. Rwanda gorilla safaris are evidence in volcanoes national park that are done by international guests. The park doesn’t only represent wildlife treasures but also represents the country’s rich culture and history.

Today this finely turned mountain gorilla park is sanctuary to over 450 mountain gorillas with several habituated gorilla families ready for tourists each day. Above all it claims to be the best destination offering finest gorilla tracking tours in Africa from January to December.