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Saadani National Park

Saadani national park is located in the center of a historic triangle of Bagamoyo, Pangani and Zanzibar.  It covers around 1100km and is termed as the only national park that boarders the sea.  The climate is coastal that is it is hot and humid and hence offers both marine and mainland flora and fauna. Saadani’s coast is notable for its stands of mangroves, and inland the coast is fringed by palm-lined beaches. The natural vegetation of the interior of Saadani is mostly open grassland, dotted with acacia thickets, with the occasional band of riparian forest lining the major watercourses.
The animals found in the savannah part of the park are buffalo, giraffe, waterbuck, reedbuck, hartebeest, wildebeest, warthog and the very shy and uncommon red duiker.
There are small herds of elephant here, and also lion – although both can be skittish. Leopard, spotted hyena and black-backed jackal also occur. Hippo and crocodile are found in the river, and green turtles breed on the beaches.
Evergreen mangrove trees grow in the transactional zone, just above the mean sea water level. These salt tolerant tidal forests provide a resting and feeding place for many birds’ species, bats, monkeys, hippos and reptiles. Numerous species of fish such as prawns also lay their eggs in these protected habitats.
Saadani National Park is located roughly 45km North of Bagamoyo. The park will be easily accessible through Wami River from Dar es Salaam via Bagamoyo. However, currently in order to reach the park from Dar es Salaam one has to drive a 200km via Chalinze-Msata road.  Transfers can also be arranged from Mkwaja or Saadani airstrip.
There are other privately owned accommodation facilities inside and outside the park such Saadani safari Lodge, KISAMPA and a tent with the view.  There are also several camping sites.