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Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is located on the northern part of Tanzania.  It is well known for its vast dry land, swamps and the Tarangire River.  Despite the fact that it is drier than Serengeti national park it is denser in terms of vegetation.
From November to May, most of the game leaves the park that is the herds of wildebeest and zebra head north-west onto the floor of the Rift Valley, whilst many animals disperse across the vast open areas of the Maasai Steppe. From around June to October, it’s dry and the game returns to Tarangire’s swamps, and especially, its river system. This is the best season for a game-viewing safari in Tarangire, which can be excellent.  The animals that are predominantly found are particularly large numbers of elephant herds congregate here, as do many wildebeest and zebra. There are also populations of impala, giraffe, eland and buffalo. Thompson’s gazelle, Coke’s hartebeest, bohor reedbuck and both greater and lesser kudu are found here. The localized and unusual gerenuk and fringe-eared Oryx also occur here, though in our experience they are seen exceedingly rarely. There are still thought to be a few black rhino in the park.
There are varieties of birdlife which are about 551 species. The offers unique birds like the Kori burstad which is the heaviest flying bird, the stocking-thighed ostrich which is the world’s largest bird and small parties of ground hornbills blustering like turkeys.  There are also large flocks of beautiful yellow-collared lovebirds, which are endemic to Tanzania.
The activities to be carried out are guided walking safaris, Day trips to Maasai and Barabaig villages, as well as to the hundreds of ancient rock paintings in the vicinity of Kolo on the Dodoma Road.  To get there, there is an easy drive from Arusha or Lake Manyara following a surfaced road to within 7km (four miles) of the main entrance gate.  There are also chart flights from Arusha to Serengeti.
There accommodation is easily accessible and it varies from tented camps, Lodges and luxury tented camps.