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Are you planning a safari or holiday in Africa. The Safari on the Blog brings you the resourceful information to help you plan and book the very best safari experiences. Browse our safari guides by country and learn about how you can travel and experience your vacation. Whether you are looking to solo travel, family holiday or even a honeymoon vacation, we have everything you are looking for and even more.

The Safari on the Blog website aims to cut through the sometimes confusing safari information available online. This is the ultimate place to research on the broad range of African safari resources and reading materials to help make a plan and booking an African safari easy.

Browse the best destinations where to go including national parks and game reserves across Africa, best adventure activities to include in your itinerary and find which safari companies you can contact in that country who will offer you the best African safari experience – whatever your budget, wildlife wishlist or preferred travel style.

Where to Go on Safari

Wondering about where to go on safari? Our destination guide leads you to the best countries for safaris in Africa. We also offer the best national parks for safaris.

When to Go on Safari

Seasons can play a big part in planning an African safari. The ease to see the wild animals varies with the different times of the year! Here we give conclusive advice about the best time to go on safari.

Find a safari Company

We list some of the best safari companies with local knowledge about the destination to visit as well as the best-rated agencies for different safaris. Browse our directory of safari companies in different regions of Africa.

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