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Mount Elgon National Park Uganda

Mount Elgon

The Mount Elgon Park is on the border of Uganda and Kenya with the extinct volcano being its significant feature. Mount Elgon is an extinct volcano with the biggest surface field in the world at about {50km by 80km} and a caldera with a diameter of almost 8 km. The highest apex is Wagagai that stands at 4.321 m.

Mount Elgon lies sizably with each country, Uganda and Kenya claiming a good portion of the cake. The mountain which is in itself the park used to be called ‘Masaba’ by the local Bagisu community. Consequently “Elgon” is brought up after the Anglicisation of the Maasai “El Kony”. The best time to tour Mount Elgon is May and September, November and December.


There is a very adventurous trekking around Mount Elgon that is full of fascinating feature and natural formation, Sasa, Sipi and Piswa trials are the most adventurous.

The full trekking circuit to the peaks takes about 6 days to complete. On your nature walk, you will experience various flora and, the enormous caves, gorges and hot springs. Particularly fascinating is the less laborious hike from Sipi trading centre to the Sipi Falls, a series of 4 waterfalls culminating in a 99m drop at an altitude of 1.775 m, along the river Sipi coming from mount Elgon.

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