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The Unforgettable Lamu Festivals


Lamu town is one of the unique heritage places where modernity and ancient practices come to balances. The Lamu Island has a mystical history that is portrayed by is medieval structures. Previously the island was a trading centre where slaves and other trading goods were exchanged.
With over 700 years of continues settlement Lamu has withstand the change that come with Modernity. The old town was first settled in 14 century by Swahili and over the years the Portuguese, Turkish and Arabs have their cultural influence. Although these settlers have left their mark, the town has gained its own culture and heritages. In 2001 the town was named as one of the World heritage. The most amazing thing is that there is no vehicle in the town. Donkeys are the major form of transport in the town and dhow are used for external transport from the island.
Each year the town comes to light with the festivals. The celebration is an inception of the past and the present practices. The beat of the Africa drum is heard from every corner. The Swahili flute and the shakers provide a wonderful rhythm. The best competitors prepare for different races.
Some of the competitions include
1. Donkey race
2. Dhow races
3. Cart pulling race
4. Swimming
5. Dancing
The most outstanding is the donkey and dhow races. The donkey race though not easy involves races around the town. The Lamu Cultural festival is a wonderful opportunity to experience the island’s unspoiled beaches, medieval ambiance, architecturally magnificent Old Town, gracious population, and traditions of an enchanted island where history continues to live.
Although the southern wind creates the tide in different time of the year, the Trade winds from the north are less fierce in the month of September. As a result the wonderful beach become so approachable that even a number of dolphins can be seen.
A visit to the Lamu Archipelago will make your experience memorable, especially the Unforgettable Lamu Festivals

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