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West Africa’s best wildlife parks


The West Africa features a number of the wildlife reserves in West Africa. The national parks might not be as popular as other destinations though the wildlife is equally as diverse at the same time you are less likely to be find the destination crowded. The region has some of West Africa’s best wildlife parks which we will only highlight a few;
1. Mole National Park, Ghana
Mole National Park lies in the northern region of Ghana and is the biggest National Park in Ghana. The park covers approximately 4, 577 square kilometers in the district of West Gonja as well as being a haven for a variety of species of mammals and birds. Read more about Mole National Park
2. Réserve de Nazinga, Burkina Faso
Réserve de Nazinga is situated in southern Burkina Faso, a half-hour drive from Po. It was officially established in 1979 in an uninhabited area. Read More about Réserve de Nazinga
3. Makasutu Culture Forest, Gambia
Makasutu Culture Forest is situated approximately five kilometers to the north east of Brikama which is a luxuriant green wilderness fed by a tributary of the Gambia River generally known as the Mandina Bolon. It is a private owned eco-tourist reserve that is usually Read More on Makasutu Culture Forest

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