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10 Reasons to take a tour to Kenya


10 Reasons to take a tour to Kenya
1. Diverse Cultural Experiences
With over 45 ethnic communities, Kenya is a region with immense culture. This culture come along with different made of dressing, building houses, feeding and even naming. UNESCO has listed Lamu, Fort Jesus and Sacred Kaya forest as cultural sites
2. The Land of the largest Wildlife in the world
The beauty of every safari comes with interaction of the wildlife in their natural inhabitant. It’s common to find many tourists come so close with dangerous animals in the major national parks like Amboseli, Tsavo and Masai Mara. In these parks, on a single day safari it’s possible to meet the Giraffe, Elephant, Lion, Cheetah and even Leopard.
3. The Wildebeest Migration
Today the wildebeest migration is considered as one of the modern wonder of the world. Many people have revisited Kenya just to have the spectacular view of the wildebeest migration.
4. The affordable safaris
Kenyans are wonderful people who know well how to blend in fair price to every wonderful tour visit made by thousand tourists who visit their country. Although the rate slightly fluctuates in different time of the year, many people have been able to enjoy nature at its best with little cost being incurred. Having a Kenyan safari is a memorable experince.

5. Unique Festivals

Every year different festivals are held depending on the region culture. Some of the festivals include bull fighting festivals, Camel racing, Lamu festivals, Maasai initiating festival and many more.

6. The friendly and accommodating Kenyans

Unlike many places where people are racist and ego centric, Kenyans are known for their warm heartedness. They are always willing to assist and live wonderful memories even to stranger.
7. Crystal clear beaches
From the North coast to south coast the Kenyan coastline is a tropical paradise of palm fringed white sand beaches, where the calm blue waters of the Indian Ocean meet beautiful coral reefs. The beauty of the beaches provides a paradise of relaxation.
8. The modern and ancient decorated hotels
With the world class hotels that combine elegance and Africa art, hotels in Kenya are always the second home to many travelers.

9. Opportunity to see over 1000 species of birds

The avifauna of Kenya includes a total of 1132 species. Some include the rare of hornbills, storks, eagles and even herons. Bird watching is an activity that will surely live a memorable image.

10. The home to the origin of evolution of Man

To the many people who believe or disapprove the evolution story a visit to archaeological site is a common activity that everyone considers worthwhile.

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