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Top 10 Most Amazing birds in Africa


Top 10 Most Amazing birds in Africa
1. The Secretary Bird

The Secretary Bird
The Secretary Bird

The Secretary Bird is instantly recognizable as having an eagle-like body with a hooked bill, but has rounded wings and longer legs. It spends most of its life hunting on ground. It is often considered to grab venomous snakes, fly up and drop them on the rocks

2. Ostrich
The ostrich is unique in its appearance, with a long neck and legs, and can run at up to about 50 km/h. It’s the biggest bird and lays the largest eggs of any living bird. The feathers of adult males are mostly black, with a white tail. Females and young males are grayish-brown and white. The Somali ostrich is only found in Kenya.

3. African Spoonbill
African Spoonbill
African Spoonbill

The African Spoonbill feed in shallow water. It has a spoon like beak that is used to catch food by swinging it from side-to-side in the water.
4. Marabouk Stork
Marabouk StorkIt’s ranked the species with the largest spread wing of any living bird. It can weigh 20 pounds and the wing can spread upto 10 fit. The Marabou Stork is a frequent scavenger, and the naked head and neck are adaptations to this livelihood. The non-feathered head helps the bird to scavenge inside dead animals without getting much dirt
5. Shoebill
ShoebillCommonly found in Uganda. Their large heads, eyes, and captivating shoe like bills help them find food in muddy swamps. Shoebills can grow as tall as five feet, boast a nearly eight-foot wingspan, and weigh up to fifteen pounds.
6. Standard Winged Night Jar
Standard Winged Night JarThe adult male has a weird wing pattern during the mating season, with a broad central flight feather on each wing elongated up to 38 cm. When flying it looks like 3 birds chasing at one another. However in the normal season there is no difference between the male and female. They fly at dusk, mostly at sundown.

7. Africa Fish Eagle

Africa fish eagleArguably, Africa fish eagle is the swiftest bird in the continent. It has the ability to attack the slippery fish from water. The fish eagle uses its rear talons to pull fish from the water
8. Kori Bustard
Kori BustardThis is a beautiful bird that is easily found in open grasslands of Southern and Eastern Africa. They spend 70% of their time looking for food on the ground.
9. Black Heron
Black HeronThe Black Heron has a very rare hunting formula named the canopy feeding. In this mode of feeding the bird uses its wings like an umbrella and creates a shade that attracts fish. The birds are majorly found in Madagascar and south of Sahara desert.
10. Sugarbird
sugar birdThe sugar bird is one of bird species with the longest tail. Its easily found in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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