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The Unheard Cry of Africa Elephants


To all generation that have lived in Africa nothing seems to be as gigantic as the elephants. Inside the parks of Africa the beautiful beast has existed for many years. From the era of slave trade in 18th century upto now the animal has faced numerous challenges. The Unheard Cry of Africa Elephants.

A family of 12 Elephants killed in Tsavo on Jan 3, 2013
A family of 12 Elephants killed in Tsavo on Jan 3, 2013
According to some estimates, sixty elephants are killed daily in Tanzania, where 50 percent of global ivory originates. Cameroon saw 300 elephants cut down in a single bloody month in 2012. And in tourist-friendly Kenya, where 384 elephants were slain in 2012, expectations are that in 2013 there will be even worse: 92 elephants and 17 rhino were poached in the first 10 weeks of this year – 12 of which were killed in one go, in Tsavo East national park.
A vital question lingers in the mind of many people who love wildlife. Who will save the elephants from the hands of the poachers? To the blood thirsty poachers, elephants are a wonderful goldmine that should be wiped out of the universe just to give them extra coin.
The real king of the jungle is crying to the world. No thought is painful as that of a helpless elephant watching its whole family being gunned down and every single ivory being hacked out. The elephants that escape this ordeal become traumatized and rarely live for long.
In 1979, Africa had an estimated population of 1.3 million elephants. By 1989, the population was estimated to be 609,000.Recently the estimated number is estimated to be 300,000 in sub Saharan region.
The small minded and ego-centric poachers forget that the surviving elephants supports the Africa’s economy far more than the few thousand they gain through ivory trade. With continued poaching rate, Africa will soon face its rudest shock-Extinction of the Elephant. No more shall the tourist come from a far to see the wonder of the elephant’s ear or its trunk because all we’ll have are the dried carcasses.
While the elephants cries silently, all those who love wildlife and treasure their beauty should unanimously come together to fight the menace of poaching .The African leadership through the different countries should lay out strict penalties to all those found with a single kilogram of ivory.

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