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Hunting Season and Tours in Africa


In Africa the hunting season has got different duration depending on the place, the year and other issues such as the amount of animals and the national laws in use.

The northern zone of South Africa is one of the most suitable places for hunting, and the season is large, starting the final days of March and lasting until the end of November. From the month of July in advance it is very easy to go hunting on the mountains surroundings, there are plenty of animals and the weather is quite comfortable. This is the date of the year when it is not hot during the day.

In order to be able to enjoy such a safari experience it is necessary to contact with a tour operator that can arrange this kind of trips for groups of people. Most of the hunting excursions are meant to take advantage on the terrain conditions, so that it is no required to be in a extraordinary shape.

The guides have got a lot of experience in South Africa and they are able to track any kinds of footprints to find the animals. The hunting experience is complete, including the food, which is European styled with African ingredients. In addition, we will stay in a camping which has got everything needed to enjoy the safari.

The hunting conditions are the most appropriate in this zone of the country, with sandy ground, which makes the tracking easier, big trees to have some rest and beautiful landscapes. Granting all these features the hunting experience is complete in this place.

We can also ask for advice the people that have already gone on this kind of safaris, so that we can get to know all the details to be able to fully enjoy our safari.

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