Traveling Africa on Budget

When one plans for a safari there are many things that one needs to take into consideration. When a safari is advertised one might say ohh! These prices are very expensive. Although it being my dream safari, I cannot afford it, not knowing the price can come down further and still enjoy that spectacular experience. One can enjoy the same safari from luxury to budget cost. One can either use road package or fly from one destination to another. There are several factors that will determine how much you will need to budget for your safari trip. You need to figure out in what areas you might want to splurge and other areas where you want to save money.
Using the services of a Consultant will ensure that you see the most wildlife possible on your safari.
1. Country- The first thing to consider is the country to visit, select a country that you would like to visit. One with the best attractions, safe and less expensive depending on your interest
2. Airfare – The next step is to shop for the best airfare prices, check with different airlines to check when the fares are cheaper or which time of the year they are fairer
3. Length of trip. The shorter the safari the less the cost while the longer the safari the higher the cost. Destinations that are close to each other will be much cheaper than destinations that are far apart
4. Study safari packages or hotels and identify what the package includes and excludes, some safari packages include game drives and laundry services and meals. Sometimes its cheaper to book a combined package than those an item each
5. Accommodation – Select a type of accommodation that you will be comfortable with and affordable, One can cost the same package with different type of accommodation and get different prices, and at the end of the day he experience would be the same.
6. Travel – Decide on the type of transport that you will use from one point to another while on safari. If you opt to fly from one point to another it can be a bit expensive. Also while on a road package you can opt for a Mini-bus that is a bit cheaper that a 4X4 land cruiser in some countries.
7. Specialty – if any specialty or activity added onto your safari will increase the cost, always decide if you really need that extra package.
8. Travel Insurance, Doctor, sometimes its advisable to factor in some extra cash for emergency cases.
9. Season – the safari packages will also vary from season to season, low season are always cheaper than high season. Check the season that is more comfortable for you and plan accordingly