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Tips To Consider For Your Car Hire In Uganda


There are many options for getting around but none beats car hire. With rental cars, it is all about getting value for your money and 100% ultimate freedom available for you to explore your dream destinations. It is a perfect way to adventure or unearth the wonders of a destination with no stress or inconveniences from others as is the case in public transportation.

If you plan to visit Uganda or any part of East Africa, car rental services are inevitable. But how prepared are you? To enable you to find your dream ride, there are some essential tips you must take to into consideration.

Here is a list of useful tips for you to consider when hiring a car in Uganda

Your rental car requirements matter

On a road trip in Uganda, everyone has their travel reasons and they should guide you to find your favorite rental car. If you plan to go on a large group road trip, the most preferred means would be Coaster Bus rentals and small groups are perfect in Drone car rentals or Super customs. Other amenities to look out for include air conditioning, the comfort of the car chairs and mechanical conditions.

Check the price –what is included

You need to know what comes with the price of hiring a car in Uganda regardless of the company. Usually, the cost of hiring a car comes with hidden extras which you need to be aware of before you consider securing a car from any car rental service provider.

Pre-book your car

Visiting a new destination like Uganda may require you to book almost everything in advance. This includes booking your ride for your African road trip before the actual date of visiting the country or destination for your vacation. Waiting till the last day may come with its own challenges including not finding the right vehicle for your trip.

Hire a car with a reputable company

There are 100s of car rental companies all over the country but you must consider the one that is recognized –registered under the laws of the Republic of Uganda. On the lucky side, dealing with us for all your car hire services puts you at an added advantage. We are a registered company and car hire service provider in Uganda and beyond.

Do a thorough check on the damages

The car you plan to use could have been used recently and perhaps could also have several issues. Any damages must be identified from the very first day of inspection to be certain that what was damaged won’t be you to bear the expense. Take a record of all damages and present them to the car rental Uganda service providers’ desk.

Check the tyres of the car

Before you start any journey, first, you must be sure that the tyres are in their right shape or conditions. This can save you from getting stuck en-route to your destination and also consider a vehicle with a spare tyre (s).

Fuel type

It is always important that before you kick start your journey, you check the kind of the fuel the vehicle you are hiring uses. This can save you from filling up the car tank with different fuel type and end up spoiling the engine.

Familiarize yourself with the car

You need to know the kind of vehicle you are going to use. Check if everything is working from brakes, horns, wipers, lights, the traffic rules, signage, and others. You can also have it test the road in the nearby areas. All these are intended to ensure that you are equipped with knowledge on how to navigate around in your ride.

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